Meaningful education in school harmonizing with social requirements and relevant to the prevailing times is must. Society never in its evolutionary history has experienced such rapid changes, as it has over the past two decades. A merge acquisition of knowledge is not enough. We believe in application and management of knowledge.

Our staff drawn from the best of Public Schools is ready to meet the challenge ahead. Their professional approaches will help evolve citizens who are sensitive to the perceptions and feeling of other , who are tolerant, honest ,empathetic, ambitious, nature loving and technology savvy, confident youngster who learn and strive to excel in all their endeavors.


 Mr. G. S. Bisht

Greenwood Public School


While receiving education we seldom think of purpose of education. We hardly think of the reason behind education. It is while we grow up that we begin realizing the purpose of education and understand its application in our daily life. We begin to realize the purpose of education only after it begins finding applications in our professional and personal lives. Education continues through all the phases of our life as knowledge is oceanic and one can never claim to have acquired all of it.

We believe in the fundamental dignity of each individual. We believe that education excellence helps to develop understanding, reasoning and thinking skill. It also helps to instill a lifelong appreciation for learning and help foster a sense of moral and ethical behavior. 

At Greenwood Public School, the student will get an advantage of preparing themselves at a very early stage for their respective area of interest, be it Engineering, Medicine or in the Financial Industry.