Greenwood Public School boasts of one of the best equipped libraries with books, magazines and CDs covering a large range of subjects.
The Library consists of around 14,000 books for all age groups.
All the books, magazines and CD / DVDs are bar coded and software based bar code scanner is used for issue and return of books.

The books are issued to students and teachers with due dates for return.
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Teachers have a separate research space with computer facility hooked to internet where they carry out Academic Subject Research related work.


The Library's mission is to foster independent, life-long learning through collaboration, providing information & learning resources, instruction and technology. Our vision is to integrate staff, resources, and technology seamlessly into the entire School community to create a dynamic and interactive environment that ensures our students be:
  • Innovative
  • Learn
  • Think creatively
  • Act ethically
  • Embrace the arts
  • Collaborate
  • Participate in real world learning experience
  • Understand cultures
  • Prepare for the workplace  
  • Pursue excellence
  • Gain life skills to become useful members of society