'Rise, Shine & Glorify'
Rise, Shine & Glorify is our motto. Reflecting the core values of our rich heritage, we aspire to build strong foundations for our students based on the most powerful value of all knowledge.



'A Fresh Approach'
Our vision is to continually use the very latest means and methods of education. The decision made at the time of founding the school was to keep traditions while moving towards a pragmatic approach. We try to examine every practice, weigh it against prevailing and available options and then use only the very best.  This is a continuous approach. Time and time again we inspect our own methods of operation, spend effort researching the best practices worldwide and then decide on the next course of action.



As can be seen in the striking contrast of the motto and vision, the school believes in blending the best of the old and the new. To tap into the unlimited potential of the technologies of tomorrow... to instill some of the values which have been admired through the ages. We, at Greenwood Public School honestly believe that this guiding principle is the best... for both students and the faculty.